In this four minute film we hear the voice of an unborn baby whose life is about to be snuffed out in the abortion clinic. Please leave a comment.



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If your life has been affected by the issues raised in this film and you would like more information or support, please explore the links below.

Abortion Recovery International, CARE Directory – Restoring lives and relationships after abortion

ARCH Abortion Care and Recovery Helpline – Healing women, healing men, healing families and relationships

Rachel’s Vineyard – A safe place to rene w a nd rebuild life after experiencing the trauma of abortion


  1. It was amazing. When i was watching my heart was beatting just like the baby. How much more God’s heart would be in pain? Well done.

    • So many mothers will not know their children. Everyday, thousands of LIVES will be killed. Doesn’t anyone care?!?!

      • Yes there are LOTS of people who care! Don’t let the frustration of something so horrible stop you from doing what you can to make a difference. Volunteer at a crisis pregnancy center, be a sidewalk counselor at a PP or other abortion mill, contribute to pro life causes, PRAY, PRAY, PRAY!!

      • We can no longer be observers and bystanders, we have to have our voices heard, we have to stand up for what we believe is right. Many people do care. Get involved in pro-life vigils in your area, check out, write to your government leaders and pray the rosary daily for the mothers, the unborn babies, the abortionists and the staff of the abortion clinics. There is so much you can do.

  2. An excellent and moving film. Thank you.

  3. powerfull.

  4. Please, Please, Don’t do this awful thing!

  5. Thank you my dear Persian friend for making this powerful video. We have sanitized abortion and have made it a medical procedure when it really is murder.

  6. I’m pretty sure that the ones who miscarry a child have a good reason for doing that. When you give birth to a child you’re responsible for that. If someone doesn’t have the required commitment, then what’s the use of giving birth to someone and then ruining his/her life? (just my personal idea…)

    • If you do not have the required committment to raise a child why not still
      choose life and let someone who does have the required committment adopt him or her! At least you can give life!! You will find this painful and difficult, but in the long run you will never regret giving life!! A post abortive women who wishes she had chosen to give life!

    • The Persian wrote above, what is the sense of giving birth if the person is not going to properly care for the child. What happened to adoption? There are still many couples not able to conceive so why not give them the joy of this child if unwanted by you? It is still murder no matter what and it’s not miscarriage as I had two of those and I wanted those children. That word has also been used as a coverup, clean word for abortion. My babies apparently had something wrong with them and I miscarried, but I assure you I wanted them deeply. The medical profession even used the word spontaneous abortion for miscarriage but I reject that term in that case. This video made me cry all the way through. It is profound. Thank you Elam for producing this, which I just found in my email. I will forward it on. God bless for all you do.

    • Amir – Responsibility begins long before the baby is born. Actually, it begins even before a couple has sex. Responsibility is something we take – or forsake – even before we meet the other person. Putting ourselves in tempting situations is irresponsible. Becoming physically involved with someone when we know that we can’t commit our lives to them is irresponsible. Responsibility is something we take on before we take our clothes off, before we start flirting, before we put ourselves in situations we know we are adult enough to handle. A truly responsible man would not ask a woman to go to bed with him before their wedding night. Children are not the problem that needs to be eliminated. Children – all children – are a gift and should be treasured. Let me offer you a different spelling for responsibility: s-e-l-f-c-o-n-t-r-o-l.

      • Well said…thanks!

      • PERFECT!!!!!! I couldn’t have said it better….awesome!! God bless you….

      • Finally ! That’s excellant.

      • Finally ! Excellant…..why can’t people get it? God Bless you.

    • There are SO many people that would love to raise a child and can’t conceive. Why not bless them? The choice is… bless others with a gift from God… or murder God’s gift to you. Why would anyone chose murder?

    • There are preventatives to keep women from getting pregnant in the first place. This is not a miscariage, this is MURDER.Miscariages happen accidently and if they happen any other way, then it is MURDER. There are no ifs, ands or buts about it; IT IS MURDER.

      • Simply said Ivergene, it is blatant 1st Degree murder and the difference in one day’s time can make all the difference in whether it is able to be prosecuted, or simply called “legal abortion.” That is why partial-birth abortion has to be a breach birth so that the child’s head never presents. That is the definition of birth, when the head presents.

    • Thanks for all the nice comments. I just meant that it depends on the situation. There have been examples in Iran that when a father found his unmarried daughter pregnant, he has killed her. Now you say that if a kind doctor is found who understands the situation and helps that girl to abort the unwanted child, then that doctor is the murderer!!
      To my friend who says there’s no buts and ifs, I think it’s all about buts and ifs. It’s because of these buts and ifs that the first person sharing the heaven with Jesus was the thief who was crucified with Jesus, for his only one sentence.
      I was born in Iran and we were forced to live a sinless life anyway, but it’s all for nothing if there’s no love. The situation in Iran or in many other Muslim countries are similar to the days of Jesus, and I think that’s why his word is growing so fast in Iran. Because we feel what Jesus says, because he understands the people’s heart and he doesn’t point finger. Because he’s love.
      There are some good people in Iran who are in great need of knowing about Jesus. Some think that god has created us to punish us for our mistakes, and they don’t know that there’s Jesus who loves us as his own sons. Because of the government restrictions, getting a new testament is not easy in Iran, Please help so that many people in Iran can read the new testament and know about Jesus, the Love, the Truth. Believe me, this is saving lives.

      • Dear Amir,

        We completely agree that Jesus wants to forgive and restore, not condemn. He died for every sin on the cross, including abortion, and his blood cleanses us from every sin. We all need to hear this message. But the fact that God must forgive, means there is sin to forgive, and abortion, surely, is a sin that needs forgiving and cleansing. Most abortions happen because of social convenience. The dramatic situation you describe is rare. And even there – what would happen if the murderous father found out his daughter had had an abortion due to illicit sex. He still might kill her. The best thing would be for her to escape – and keep the child. God bless, Tom Hawksley

        • Dear Tom,
          You’re right, I’m sorry if my writings seem a bit out of topic. I thought this webpage belongs to the creator of the movie, “Elam”, whose ministry I think is greater than merely the abortion subject.

      • Amir,
        Thank you for such a moving four minutes. I cried through the entire video. My parents forced my much younger sister to have an abortion at sixteen without my knowledge. She told me later that she screamed and screamed for the doctor to stop, but he wouldn’t. She is haunted to this day although she has become a Christian and knows she has been forgiven, and knows she will hold her child in heaven. But on this earth she will mourn the rest of her life. My parents became Christians also and were forgiven. No matter what we have done, Jesus will forgive is we but just ask, and mean it. You mention that we can help provide bibles in Iran. How do we do this? Keep up God’s work in Iran, Amir; someday we’ll meet in heaven.

    • Someone who has a miscarriage has no control over that- it is not a decision made by the mother or a doctor and happens often when there is soething wrong with the unborn child. It is a tragedy but not an intentional murder. One who aborts bacause they don’t want to “ruin” a life has ruined it in the most defined sense of the word. They have murdered that person. Many who thought they could not parent found they could and were forever grateful they had chosen not to murder. If a mother cannot parent her biological child there are thousands upon thousands, including me, who have adopted and are forever grateful for the chance to parent that precious life. We have no right to murder an innocent child- there is no unwanted baby, God does not create unwanted people in his image and then accept that killing them would be an alternative. Please think about this- abortion is not the easy way out- that memory of the murdered child will never go away and dos not produce a feeling of ” having done the right thing.”

    • I believe it is called an abortion not a miscarrage, Who are we to play God and make such a decision of who lives and who dies. We need to be responsible for our actions and the decisions we make. I have seen my daughter struggle being a teenage mom at 16 then 17 and now 18. As time has passed, her baby has each day comes and goes has been a blessing and what a mircle life is and again who are we to make that kind of decision. Thank God, God is good, forgiving, and just. Knowing ,my daughter, her struggle would have been much deeper if she had to live everyday knowing that she aborted her son who is now 18 months and such a joy and blessing from heaven. This is just my personal opinion.

    • Amir, the ones who abort a child, do not miscarry it, they kill it! Only God can create a human being and he chose to do it through a man and a woman, and only God has the right to take that life! If a man and woman do not want a child, why are they entering a relationship that could result in the creation of another human being? No one has ever died, by the hand of God, from not entering the vocation of marriage or from not having a sexual relationship with someone but hundreds of child die everyday from selfish sexual relationships!

    • A miscarriage is NOT an abortion. I’ve had 2 miscarriages. I wanted both babies. God had other plans for them, I didn’t. They are now with God and I will see them in Heaven.

  7. This is indeed a powerful video–one that I wish could be seen by all congregations, men as well as women.

    While it doesn’t show an abortion taking place (I believe “The Silent Scream” did show that), it has power without showing the violence of the procedure, and the message is definitely there.

    Certainly all pro-life pregnancy centers should show this to women who have not yet made up their minds about an abortion. And Planned Parenthood definitely should, though of course they wouldn’t!

    Thanks for producing this. What is your means of making this message available besides the e-mail list ELAM has?

    • Have no idea what “moderation” means in your response. I’m 83 years old and had all I could do to figure out how to view the video on my screen. Guess I shouldn’t have taken my time to respond in the first place. But I did appreciate viewing it.

    • Dear Kay,

      Thank you so much for your support. All help warmly welcomed for making the film known to the widest audience possible.

      As ever,

      Tom Hawksley

      • Thank you for doing this …especially for those who are contiplating abortion as the asnswer for where they are now. May it change how they are thinking, so as to stop another abortion..and turn it into a birth of a baby. God’s greatest gift. Blessings to you for obeying Him, so that others will too. My heart goes out to how hard this would be for you tho, but thankful for His knowledge, strength , forgiveness, carrying on with the rest of your life, that only He through His Son can perfectly give to you. Love you b/c you are a sister to me who has gone through sooooooooo much, but are obedient to Him ..Praise God Carolyn

  8. What a moving film. This could save so many unborn babies lives. I can imagine some young mums dont know exactly what it means to have an abortion and may see it as geting out of a situation they are not ready for. Whereas the truth is a potential life is being taken away. A film like this would make mums to be realise this and cause them to think not only of themselves but of the unborn child’s life too.

  9. That’s really moving and so very sad. Just one thing though abortion cannot normally happen after 26 weeks in the UK

    • Abortion in the UK is legal after 26 weeks – indeed, right up to birth – where the unborn child is disabled. The Department of Health is currently doing everything in its power to prevent disclosure of the details of these abortions. I wonder what they’re so ashamed about…

  10. I’ve never seen anything quite like this. It is very sad but very powerful. If that doesn’t speak to the heart of mankind I don’t know what will! We need to keep teaching and preaching it until the whole world hears.

    Thanks for your ministry and allowing me to be a part of it through prayer.

  11. Very moving. I am forwarding it. Oh that it may reach thousands of pro-abortionists.

  12. This is a video everyone should see. Very powerful and it left me in tears. I have forwarded this to many of my friends and family.

  13. I found it an incredibly moving video & the words with it. Having done 2 courses with a christian organisation whose aim is “Christians Caring for Life” I fully appreciate the impact this could have as a means of saving the lives of many unborn children.

    I would like to answer a comment by another viewer, who said that in the UK abortion is only permitted up to 26 weeks gestation.
    I have done 2 courses with a christian organisationwhose motto is “Christians Caring for Life” one of the tutors is a qualified midwife, said that although the 26 week standard covers general cases, abortion is still permitted & practiced in cases where the mother’s life is at risk if the pregnancy continues. Her answer was that with modern medical advancement, this risk is very, very rare – but the term “risk” now covers a whole host of reasons, that often, with support, can be overcome, such as financial, emotional, distress etc. Yet the terminations for this reason still continue.
    The damage such a late abortion causes a woman is colossal – both initially & later on – emotional, psychological, and physical- lasting for many years – & only ultimately helped by post abortion counselling. This risk is easily equally damaging.

    Abortion creates many casualties.


  14. Very powerful and what a great perspective. I think everyone should see this, it is worth the tears shed if it would change even just one heart!

  15. The video is quite eloquent and conveys the deep sorrow of the soul. I pray that this reaches the multitudes of women who are and will consider abortion; I pray that it would turn them away from this course of action and they would choose life. I also pray that those who encourage,promote, and perform abortions will be exposed to this video; with the result that their hearts would be broken. I pray that they would repent and ask God’s forgiveness when they view this.

  16. Thank you for making this excellent, dignified and extremely moving video. May it be used to the saving of untold numbers of the unborn.

  17. Watched with tears and pain inside O God forgive and change
    Powerful video should be watched by all

  18. Very informative and shows that abortion is wrong, even in the first trimester as the baby is fully formed and feels pain. Abortion is horrible for the baby and the mother, not to mention the father and other relatives!

  19. Wow, awesome, powerful snapshot on the humanity of the child in the womb! I hope and pray that young women and men will watch this and know abortion kills a human being with potential. I pray children will be saved and fulfill their destiny on the earth. Abortion is not a black and white issue…

    it is blood red!
    On behalf of former abortion patients deceived by the abortion doctors and who are now SILENT NO MORE! We are a voice for our aborted children, so they did not die in vain, and we stand on Rev. 12:11,12 “We defeat satan by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony…” Prov. 31:8, Eph. 5:11

  20. I appreciate this short clip and the way it has been put together. May many people see this clip and it be used to save many unborn lives.

    Another film that goes into far more detail about the spiritual, physical and social consequences of abortion from the Biblical perspective is a documentary entitled ‘The Land Cries Out for the Blood that was Shed’ It is available the Hatikvah Film Trust website for free. It has been translated into ten languages and has been a tool to educate Christians and is designed specifically to get them praying into the abortion issue.

    The trailer can be viewed here: –

  21. i am 100% prolife.

  22. This film shows us that there is life in the womb and will help us protect that life.

  23. This film shows us there is life and the womb and that that life must be protected.

  24. Very moving. Thank you for this. I pray that it would be used to change hearts and save lives.

  25. Truly moving. I wish every pro “choice” person would view this and truly contemplate and pray on what is within the womb…A LIFE! So easy is it for society to turn and look the other way, call the living being a “cell” or a “mass”, or whatever is the current term…anything to ease the conscience. Reality is that is a person, created by God, with a body and soul.

  26. All women considering abortion should be forced to watch this!!

  27. Incredible. I wept

  28. A Silent Holocaust!!!

  29. It does make one cry. It should. Abortion is so wrong. Let us pray to end abortion. Thank you.

  30. Very moving and powerful video. My heart ached as I watched this video…I am post abortive. For many years I suffered in silence but thanks to God I have found healing in Him. People need to know the truth – abortion hurts everyone!! Thank you for this. I do pray that it will be used to touch, change and save lives.

  31. A very moving, and enlightening film. Left me with a deep deep ache in my heart for all the unborn babies and their mothers, who never have the joy of holing those tiny little fingers and feet, love them. It gives a glimpse into the Father Heart of our God and how He must hurt. Thankyou for making this film available, everyone should see it. Praying for an end to this terrible murder.

  32. This video is so powerful it needs to be shared everywhere….can we re-post it?

  33. Wonderful film. The video implys a surgical abortion, but it’s too bad we don’t have the technology/creativity to show that chemical abortions [possibly even more numerous]have the same result — death of an innocent, helpless human being. Perhaps the ultimate answer is prayer and E_D_U_C_A_T_I_O_N.

  34. Thank you Moshdeh for being a voice for the little precious ones. Love. Justice.

  35. Very well done, once again God shows us about life in the mother. Gods creation wanting to live, as God inteneded. Let the innocent live! Show this a 100 mill times. Lets keep praying.

  36. Truly abortion is one of the sins that cries out to Heaven for vengeance!

  37. Thank you Dr Mojdeh Shirvanian for a very powerful video. I have passed it on to my friends and put a ‘like’ on my Facebook page.

  38. When you have held a dead baby in your arms, as I have, abortion is unthinkable. Life is precious. Our baby was perfect but died in her sleep.

  39. This is not an interview. It is mere fantasy.

    Definition of interview ( A conversation, such as one conducted by a reporter, in which facts or statements are elicited from another.

    Your topic elective abortion, but you use an emotive term like snuffed out.

    Snuffed out definition ( put an end to; kill; “The Nazis snuffed out the life of many Jewish children”

    The demographics of abortion, are disproportionately among those of poor socio-economic status. These women have made a difficult decision. Perhaps they are an intravenous drug user, a teenager, a homeless woman, a victim of rape. This is not a black or white issue, it occupies a grey space. There is no evidence of consciousness in a foetus that would allow it the capacity to respond so eloquently in a monologue. Do not confuse emotion and fantasy with reality.

    • You say there is no evidence of consciousness in a foetus that would allow it to respond, do you have evidence that the unborn has no feeling and is not human. You say it is not a black or white issue the unborn child is living pre-abortion and dead after the abortion. What is not black or white in regard to that, or do you subscribe no right to the unborn child, if so when do they get rights and by what means, and by whose authority. I contend that life begins at conception and to abort an unborn child is to kill in the same way as a murderer might kill, be them a doctor, nurse or a morning after pill. You may not like this but God created life and to remove it is to kill.

    • Most abortions are repeat abortions meaning the woman is using abortion as birth control. There is free birth control available that is not an abortion. Is it ok to kill someone because you used drugs, drank, smoked- what else would you add to the list that would make this alright. Of course an unborn child cannot talk but the point is clear. No one will ever know this child- it can feel pain- no one will comfort it in that horrible pain brought on by the decision of someone who has most likely done this before. The point is made- the child has feelings, can hear it’s mother’s heartbeat and voice, can suck it’s thumb, can feel pain and will die alone with no pain medication and no comfort. It will be ground up in little pieces like so much scrap meat and rinsed down a sink- is that what we have come to? But of course, the mother could choose life and then no one would want the child to feel pain, the mother would respond to it’s every need- are we a sick society or what? The child is a child regardless of the decision od it’s mother.

    • Melissa,

      You seem angry. Exactly what is wrong with this video that upsets you so much? In my opinion, Planned Parenthood and their message is mere fantasy. A young woman is told that this lump of tissue is nothing more than that, just tissue. My sister was told that and it was mere fantasy. She could continue on with her life as if nothing happened. That was over twenty-five years ago and she still has nightmares, and cries over the loss of this precious gift from God. She sometimes dreams that she is rocking her baby. If a child in the womb could talk they may say exactly what we heard in this video. Isn’t that what you might say?

    • Melissa:
      Perhaps you are living in a dark fantasy – first, abortionists are like the Nazis – they killed Jewish children, and abortionists kill unborn babies. What’s the difference? In both situations, children are killed.
      Do some research and find the truth – start with a website like “Priests for Life”, and if you have the stomach for it, look at the pictures they have of aborted babies.
      Yes, a lot of women may be drug addicts etc. but they made the choice of that themselves. We are responsible for our own actions and what results from them is our own personal choice. We are not so weak that we cannot do what is best for us, and consequently for all unborn babies, who are innocent of our actions. It is about time we all take responsibility for our actions and think of the babies for a change. There are always options to solve our problems. Adoption is one for unwanted babies. Your reasoning is fiction and very emotional.

  40. This should be shown in all secondary schools.

    No abortions of “convenience” should be allowed.

    We all have a lesson to learn from this powerful and emotive presentation

  41. Thank you so for this footage. We have added it to our website. May this powerful message touch hearts and save babies (and their mothers) from abortion all over the world.

  42. Thank you for giving some sort of voice to the millions of children who are aborted. Perhaps if mothers who are in the predicament of considering an abortion see this first it may be enough to move their hearts and stop them. Children bring joy and deserve to experience joy, only by allowing life can we help them fulfill their destinies. It is only the lack of imagination that permits abortion.

  43. A very compelling and persuasive point of view!

  44. We must all unite to protect the mos disadvantaged in all of our societies the unborn child. Keep up the good work.

  45. On 14 Feb 1985 I had an abortion. It’s still so painful 26 years later. Had prayer. Can’t forgive myself. Watching this is so painful.

    • God forgives you.

  46. Leaves me speachless……..and sad. I can only pray and believe that God is a merciful God and only He can determine the fate of all the helpless unborn babies whether by abortion, stillborn, or miscarriage. He is a loving God and I feel in my heart that He will have mercy on these unborns and take them in his arms and into his Heavenly kingdom. God have mercy.

  47. I title is pretty misleading which is a shame because the message is powerful.

  48. The best part: the facts of life at the end. At five weeks this, at 9 etc…. If When one aborts an embryo or a fetus, one is taking the life of a human being. Sadly, the abortionists don’t educate their victims to this truth.

  49. Very Powerful, what a pity no one will touch and love these babies but Praise God He touches and loves them now.

  50. Thanks, very moving. Can I add it to my blog?

  51. I pray that God who is shaking everything that is not of Him will shake abortionism. God bless you all and your work. I was recently watching Nick Voitridge’s video on FaceBook and was so challenged to see how he has overcome his great difficulty in being born with no leg or arms and how God is using him to touch millions with a great message of hope and yet the ‘pro-choice’ abortionist crowd would say his parents should have done the ‘decent’ thing and aborted him. God help us and what makes things even worse is that these people who support abortion think they are open minded and tolerant.
    When Sarah Palin had a baby and the child was born Down’s syndrome you would have thought the left wing press would have considered that off ground and left her alone; but no and someone wrote “Palin refuses her right to choose”. Let us pray and make a stand against this evil and speak for the silent ones.Don’t be afraid of anything! Love David Finlay.

  52. What is the legal number of weeks a baby can be aborted? Surely not 40. Or is it? How does UK compare with other countries? I am not pro-abortion. All abortion, whether early or late, is a life taken. The video is good. I would have chosen darker music, not so light.

    • Health-care is not my profession. But my understanding is that partial-birth abortion involves induced labor, perhaps just before such would occur naturally, at which time the child is murdered.

  53. We must be that voice for the unborn!!!! We must stand up against abortion!!!

    • i agree lets stand up to abortion

  54. Every adult should see this, especially every Congressman in the House and Senate. It is a powerful piece.

  55. Forgive your mother pray for her she did not know what she was doing, God takes care of you, be her angel and whisper in her ears you love her even what she had done to you.

  56. We must all pray that this madness of destroying our children will end soon!

  57. Wow, very powerful and thought provoking. God bless your efforts here to challenge us to think and hopefully take action.

  58. Why do some people say, in defense of abortion,that if it’s hard for the mother because of finance, timing,or inconvience that it would be better to tear this baby out of the womb rather than give this baby up for adoption. The mother suffers(just listen to the many women talk about their pain on We need to start defining what we mean, abortion is “killing a baby” that is the choice. Less than 1% of this “choice” is due to rape. You could say this film is a fantasy an illusion if you want,but why does it bring so much pain,fear,anger,and division, among people. This is real, and someone needs to speak up for the unborn child.

  59. I was moved to tears. How does God bear this pain? I pray everyday that God will touch the heart, mind and soul of anyone thinking of an abortion and that by the grace of God they change their mind. Excellent video.

  60. I am someone who assisted in abortions in my medical training when my view on abortion was ambiguous at best. But the first time I saw part of a rib cage & then a whole leg with finely sculptured toes on its foot pass by me in the clear plastic vacuum tube, I knew then that was a person, not a thing I helped abort. When the procedure was over, the attending physician (who had not spoken a word during the whole procedure) asked me, “Well, how do you feel being a murderer”? Since then, I refused to assist in any more abortions and in my medical career I alway tried to steer my pregnant patients away from abortion & into adoption of any unwanted pregnancies. I also did a lot of praying whenever a patient of mine found out she had an unplanned, or unwanted pregnancy… that the mother would chose life, not death, for the unborn child. May God forgive me for what I have done in the past!

    • Frank: You are forgiven – believe this for “though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red as crimson, they shall be as wool” – Isaiah 1:17-19

  61. Beautiful and haunting images. I had my three children watch it with me. I have much hope that the upcoming generation will reject the lies of abortion as they are exposed by the light of truth!

  62. very well done and very touching – thank you for being a voice that needs to be heard!!

  63. The Silent Scream speaks! Pair this with Gianna Jessen’s you-tube and it says it all. The abortionists have no answer for her.

  64. Babies should be cuddled and cherished and loved. God help us all for this
    slaughter of the innocent that is being allowed in this country and in the rest of the world. Unbelievable! It is like a nightmare.

  65. Love is so much stronger than hate, Truth is stronger than deception. The Truth, spoken in love, is the greatest power to transform the minds and lives of others. Each human being is a masterpiece from God, created to worship Him and enjoy Him forever. Parents, more than reading, writing and arithmetic, teach this truth to your children so they may help create a safer, more loving society for you, themselves and your grandchildren. To those wounded by abortion, there is no sin, no deed that is too great for God to forgive and bring you also to self-forgiveness. Remember the freeing words of Jesus when he forgave the adultress, “Neither do I accuse you, go and sin no more.”

  66. My heart is broken by the poem and the images and the music….so many beautiful lives snuffed out because they are inconvenient, untimely or “imperfect”. May God forgive us and our nation and our world for ending the lives of these littlest ones. Dear Lord please help all of us to wake up to the reality of this incompprehensible unspeakable brutality, bring us to conversion of heart so we can become truly a culture of life.

  67. My prayer is that the people working in the clinics, be reached by the love of Christ, drawn to him, the greusome practices be exposed, and the services not be desired. May we raise our children to love the life God has given us, wether planned or not.

  68. It has always been said it is not a choice it is a child no matter how you think

  69. This is a beautiful and powerful film. I pray that it goes around the world.
    So many are in denial. They need to see this. May God’s Spirit empower it.

  70. Thank you to Karen Holidey, who helped me see things from the baby’s point of view (like this video does). With Karen’s influence, I decided not to abort my son and he is now 21 years old. I pray that all expectant mothers everywhere decide to see things from the baby’s point of view and not just their own. Don’t worry. Everything works out. Sometimes even BETTER than you expect, and you will see later that God is always with you.

  71. God Bless You.

  72. Great!! The more we get the facts out, the better.

  73. This is reality…why can many not see it?!

  74. I have never seen anything like this before. As a man, it is inconceivable to
    me that a woman would intentionally abort her precious baby for the sake of
    convenience but I know it happens every day.

  75. I have never seen anything like this before. As a man, it is inconceivable to
    me that a woman would intentionally abort her precious baby for the sake of
    convenience but I know it happens every day.

  76. Proverbs31:8 OPEN YOUR MOUTH FOR THE SPEECHLESS, IN THE CAUSE OF ALL WHO ARE APPOINTED TO DIE. WE MUST speak for those who cannot speak for themselves! This video makes that so plain. Over 50 million lives have been snuffed out just in America alone! PLEASE AMERICA-THE CHURCH-ALL WHO PROFESS CHRIST-ALL WHO WANT TO BE A VOICE-WAKE UP AND SPEAK UP! LIFE IS PRECIOUS 365 DAYS A YEAR!

  77. So touching, so true! Abortion is the murder of a unique, one of a kind, never to be duplicated human being. . .human baby. . .

  78. Thank you so much for showing the fetus as a real person. Someone needs to speak for them. God will judge our countries for allowing the killing of our babies.

  79. This message is powerful beyond any words one could use in trying to express it. Our first grandson was conceived out of wedlock. When our son advised us by phone of the pregnancy, my first words were, “You’re not going to have an abortion, are you?” I thankfully praise God that his answer was, “No.”
    The parents married and Jacob was born 6 months, 3 weeks later. What a marvelous gift he continues to be to his parents, brothers, and sister plus his grandparents and many other relatives and friends! He always excelled scholastically and achieved Eagle Scout. He earned his collegiate degree at the US Air Force Academy. Married and 23 years old, he is now serving our Nation in the Air Force.
    I still shudder to think how great our loss would have been had we lost the opportunity to experience Jacob’s presence in our lives. But the heaviness I feel contemplating what could have happened to our family is nothing to what God endures continually when the lives of children, along with their promise and potential, are destroyed by abortion.
    I pray that the day soon comes when the evil of abortion is eradicated from the fabric of society, not only in our country but also around the world!

  80. I thought this was really well done and I will be forwarding it. I wonder, though, if abortion supporters will actually watch it. My guess is that, as long as they don’t look at the facts, they’ll continue to support their death march. God bless those who put this together, those who watch it, and those who allow its truth to open their eyes.

  81. this is an amazing film!!!!! it is just jaw droping

  82. I still have an ache in my heart after 25 years, for a grandchild that I was told by my son had been aborted by its mother before telling him of the pregnancy. It was done without his knowledge but he seemed to have no regrets.
    I hope to see that child in Heaven someday, but wonder how we will connect.
    Every teenager should see this video before dating or having relationships.
    Powerful video!

  83. How beautiful – and how sad! I myself experienced three miscarriages. The loss was tremendous. When I went to church, I would hear a baby cry and think “My baby never got to cry.” I would hear a baby laugh and think “My baby never got to laugh.” I would see a mother kiss her baby and think “I never even got to kiss my baby.” As the years went by I would think about how old my babies would be at that time, and wonder what they would have become. I delivered three beautiful, healthy children – who are all grown. The best thing I have ever done is to be a mother; and I still miss my children I never got to see or hold. My oldest child, a son, was killed on the job eight years ago. I now have four children in heaven and two on earth with me. God has been with me and my husband “every step of the journey.” Show this beautiful film to everyone so babies will become real people, not something unseen you can through away.

  84. EXCELLENT!!!!!

  85. This is an incredible film that everyone needs to see. It is so sad.

  86. Thank you for being a voice for the unborn. We must continue to pray for the realization that all human life is a gift from God and as such, should be treated with dignity, respect and love.

  87. This was so touching, it should be shown in schools and hospitals and birthright clinics, etc.

  88. I wish the whole world would see and hear this video, and that lives would be forever changed…for the better!

  89. How profound is the love and anguish which is ignored by so many in the name of choice. Don’t we understand that the empty argument for abortion for rape and incest is so pathetic, most of the abortions are for convenience. Medical professionals tell us that in the case of rape, abortion only multiplies the trauma for the victim. And in the midst of all the arguments, can we only know that we must obey the Word of God? I pray for all those involved in abortion, actively or passively, that the Mercy of God touch them, I love them all and want only the Will of God in all hearts so that we may enjoy eternal life in Jesus.

  90. Thank you! I pray for all these children. Amen.

  91. Thank you for giving us this tremendously powerful film. May God Himself bless you abundantly for it, and may many, many unborn babies be saved as a result!

  92. i could never imagine aborting a baby. I’m 7 months pregnant and I could never fathom the thought. if you become pregnant, there is always adoption. How can you kill a life, a baby whose heart is already beating and has feelings? To me killing a baby through abortion is no different then killing one when it’s born. I think abortion is a selfish, cruel act.

  93. As a post abortive woman, I watched the video with a sense of sadness and regret. My son’s name is Benjamin David. He is with God awaiting me. He has forgiven me. Thank you for this beautiful reminder of our inate dignity and preciousness. And even from a mother who ended the life of her baby there is peace in the knowlege of his presence still in my life.

  94. May God bless all who produced and shared this beautiful, yet tragic, film. May the enormity of our national sin and disgrace before God lead us to heartfelt repentance so that all may be healed individually and as a nation. This is what God says, “If my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sins and will heal their land.” II Chron. 7:14

  95. Thank you for this video, may it open the hearts of women around the world on why we want to save their children!

  96. Life has never been an accident. Nor has it been an occurrence by chance. We may not understand nor bless…but God does.

  97. You gave a voice to the millions of children who can not speak. God will bless you for it. Thank you for a moving movie.

  98. this is meaning ful message please let us protect this children by any means cuz they are human being as we are. i am sure every body knows its crime so let say together with a loud voice stop killing!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  99. Awesome & very heart rendering. I am able to look at my 40 year old son & 36 year old daughter & silently thank 2 different women for choosing life. Thank you for not aborting my family, the father & mother of my 3 beautiful grandchildren.

  100. Thanks so much for this imaginative, yet real, window into the silent world of the pre-born. The most moving scenes are the repeated pictures accompanied by, ” …Not even my mother….” as the child laments not being heard, loved, known or touched.

    Well done … what more can I say …. extremely well done!

  101. A beautiful and powerful video. It’s too bad people do not value life more. We just lost a son/brother and yet are so thankful for the time we had with him. Every person counts.

  102. All these children are held in the chambers of my heart.

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  104. That was kind of inspiring! Completely unanticipated. Now I am aware what I’m going to do tomorrow :)

  105. Thanks so much for this imaginative. Really this is meaning full message please let us protect this children by any means because they are human being as we are. I am sure every body knows its crime so let say together with a loud voice stop.
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  108. I was going to watch the video until I read that the baby in it would be aborted. I know that would not be seen, but I could not bear the thought of even hearing his little voice. Abortion is a curse from hell. It doesn’t really help the mother even though she is deceived into thinking it will make her life less complicated. The only word for it is murder, plain and simple and the destruction, emotionally and physically of the mother.I know the little ones go straight to Heaven, but Mom has hell on earth for the rest of her life. So sad.

  109. This is a testament to Love. So glad that people are continuing to comment. This weekend is mother’s day; please pray that more and more children and mothers will be able to share their kisses.

  110. This video poem is powerfully moving. I can’t imagine anyone could see it and remain untouched or of the opinion that a child in the womb is not a human being. May this film touch many, many hearts.

  111. so beutiful so sad

  112. It was a beautiful film and thank you for making it. As a young adult I was present when many of my friends sought abortions as opposed to life. I lived in a world where the grave danger we were committing was not told to us. We should of treated our sexuality like a loaded gun, nothing to play with, instead we frolicked and did not care.Not knowing that our creator was watching. Now that its over, and after 40 years the regret does not go away. The act is imbedded in your spirit and its hard to escape. The world is busy trying to make you forget but the parents never forget, you realize what did was wrong and though you find solace within the church the act never goes away. Whoever reads this please don’t listen to the people who council you on having an abortion, they are like fair wheather friends, they disappear and you are left with that horrible memory on your mind and soul. Sex is a beautiful act and was made for a husband and wife because they are the ones who are prepared for the consequences of the act, giving birth to a new life.

  113. This is the most powerful expression of the pain and tragedy of abortion that I have ever seen and heard. May God bless you for affirming the unborn children!

  114. Since 1989, abortion has been unrestricted in Canada, legal through all nine months of pregnancy up until the point of birth. Most abortions are funded by taxpayers through the publicly funded health system. There are over 105,000 abortions a year in Canada. Canada is one of the few countries in the Western world that does not have any legal restrictions on abortion.

    I hope that the Pro-Life Groups in Canada use this video to spread their message.

    Thank you for producing this very moving video. God Bless!

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  122. How can women who have had an abortion live with themselves? How could they have resorted to killing their child just because it wasn’t convenient for them to have a baby at that time! I am an adoptive mother and I would have treasured giving birth to a child! I thank God everyday for my son and now his children (my grandchildren) who are indeed a gift from above! The woman, who chose life gave my husband and I a family!

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